MSc in Software Engineering

Odense, Denmark
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My name is Jonas Mohr Pedersen and this website is my online resume. I am an entrepreneur at heart which has resulted in me becoming a jack of all traits, and a Master in Software Engineering (SDU). From my first introduction to programming I was fascinated by the possibilities of web development, and the ease of creating great UI/UX with css/js. The dominance of TypeScript and the advent of businesses being built on Electronjs or as PWAs, has for me epmhasized that web technologies will have a large stake in the future of software development.

Due to my entrepreneurial mindset, I have often preffered to work closely together in small teams, with the freedom to criticise and ideate and not being micro-managed. I have a great interest in the business side of software development, and I am always looking for ways to improve my skills in this area.

Please note that this online resume is not 100% up to date as a new one is in the making, projects displayed might therefore not be online anymore. You can refer to my github for more up-to date projects.

With that in mind, feel free to take a closer look at my site.


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Machine Learning


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Elon Musk
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Martin Thorborg
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Bill Gates
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2021 – 2021

Strategirummet ApS

Student Software Developer

Odense, DK

I worked on creating an interactive map for a market simulator for the electricity market. The map was created trying to incorporate react with the use of the leaflet library.

2020 – 2020


React developer

Odense, DK

I worked in HR-ON creating components for React. Styled components and proptypes were heavily used, along with the newest React hooks. Each component was also incorporated into a storybook for easy testing and documentation.

2018 – 2019

FlexyBox ApS

System Developer

Svendborg, DK

At FlexyBox I mainly worked maintaining the application written in C# and .NET and on creating web interface for their booking system in Angular. I also set up pipelines for CI/CD on the azure platform.

2017 – 2018

University of Southern Denmark

Student Ambassador

Odense, DK

I worked as a Student Ambassador for Software Engineering at SDU. This job revolved around setting up meetings with (mostly) high school students who wants to experience how it is to study Software Engineering at the university.

2015 – present


Full-Stack dev & Graphic Designer

Odense, DK

I started doing freelance work when I started at SDU. It has mainly been design and development of websites at affordable prices, so that I could gain experience. While not having any jobs, I would be working on my own projects.

2016 – 2018



Odense, DK

Soon after I started studying at SDU I joined the volunteer organisation 'Syddanske Ingeniørstuderendes Fællesråd' in which I was a part of the subsidiary 'SIF Event'. My responsibility was to plan and advertise events for the students, and at times attend management meetings.

2012 – 2016


Copenhagen, DK

When i turned 18 I started my own company, it was a niche webshop selling balls for sports. During the life of the webshop I learned alot about SEO, Google Analytics and Google AdSense. While running the webshop I also faced the struggle of finding suppliers, which eventually became its downfall, because I did not possess the funds to attract proper brands and broaden the variety of products.


I live to learn
2019 – 2023

University of Southern Denmark

Masters in Software Engineering

Odense, DK

I wrote my master thesis with the subject 'Prediction of anxiety and depression in ICD patients using Machine Learning models'. Given data from from Odense Universitets Hospital, I created a machine learning pipeline to account for severe class imbalance making use of hybrid sampling techniques. The work was done in close collaboration with clinicians to define the objectives of the model, and to assist the data preparation stage by identifying features which were risk factors.

2019 – 2020


Talent Programme in Entrepreneurship

Odense, DK

It is a hands-on programme where you will go through all the steps of developing a startup business. You will start an entrepreneurial journey in a cross disciplinary team where you’ll ideate, develop a prototype, learn how to pitch, learn how to raise funding, and even to take your business to the market. Become a founder of a startup while you are still studying Work in a multidisciplinary team to develop a business idea Learn about methods and business tools and the entrepreneurial mindset Improve your employability opportunities Graduate with honours (20 extracurricular ECTS)

2015 – 2018

University of Southern Denmark

BA in Software Engineering

Odense, DK

I graduated my bachelor this summer with the thesis "Automated Bot using Predictive Trading Algorithm as a Decentralized Application", which in short means: we worked with blockchain & machine learning.

To name a few of the things I learned during my studies, I learned about the software lifecycle, UML diagrams, component based development and web development. But the most important thing i learned, was to find my own information through Google.


Software Development Camp

Summer course

Aalborg, DK

Software Development Camp is a summer camp arranged by 'Ungdommens Naturvidenskabelige Forening' (UNF). On the camp we developed Android applications using Eclipse with the Android SDK. This was the first time i learned to create a SQLite database.


Game Development Camp

Summer course

Viborg, DK

Game Development Camp is another summer camp arranged by UNF. On this camp i was introduced to C# for the first time. The organisers put us in groups consisting of developers, graphic designers and a sound man, I was one of the developers of my group. During the camp we learned how to combine all our individual skills into a game. The game created by my group can be found here.


Buus El-Teknik

Buus El-Teknik

Setup of the 'Electrician' Wordpress theme and design of logo and business card.


Complete design & development of a Wordpress theme to incorporate multiple businesses into one.
Supern0va Esports

Supern0va Esports

Setup & customization of the 'Zerif Lite' Wordpress theme for Supern0va.
Jeg Har Aldrig

Jeg Har Aldrig

Design & development of an Android app to resemble the drinking game 'Never have i ever'